Jordan Cobb is an Actor's Equity Membership Candidate


Sense and Sensibility |Shakespeare and Company

as Margret Dashwood & Ann Steele (featured supporting)

Merry Wives of Windsor |Shakespeare and Company

as Anne Page & The Host (featured supporting)

Shockoe Bottom |Normal Avenue Productions

as Rose (featured supporting)

RETCON or Villain |Uncanny Theatrical Productions

as Makiyah (lead)

Pride and Prejudice |Shakespeare and Company

as Lydia Bennett (featured supporting)

In Loco Parentis (staged reading) |Melanie Glancy, T Schriber Studios

as Sheila Stokes (supporting)

The Other Other Woman |Turn to Flesh Productions

as Gravide (featured supporting)

The Love and Death Trilogy|Turn to Flesh Productions

as Artemis, Minthe, & Dareia (supporting)

Merry Widows of Windsor |Turn to Flesh Productions

as Anne Page Fenton (supporting)

Refraction of Light (staged reading) | Transcendence Theatre Collective

as Nettie (lead)

Henry VI Parts 1, 2 & 3 | Queens Shakespeare & What Dreams May Co.

as Alencon, Elizabeth & Others (featured supporting)

Robin Hood | Queens Shakespeare & What Dreams May Co.

as Maid Marian (lead)

On This Mountain | Crystal Edn & Articulate Theatre Company

as Lindy (lead)

t r e a d | Lucie Flemming, Providence Fringe Festival

as Anita (lead)

As You Like It | Louis Sheeder & Daniel Spector, NYU's Classical Studio

as Rosalind (lead)

Hamlet |  Louis Sheeder & Daniel Spector, NYU's Classical Studio

as Rosencrantz (supporting)

Fragments from a Triumphal Arch | John Jesurun & NYU's E.T.W.

as "J" (lead)

The Fallen (Equity staged reading) | James Grossman & Playwrights Theatre NJ

as Anais (lead)

Indian Head (NJPAC staged reading) | Cheryl Katz, Nikkole Salter & Luna Stage NJ

as Rachel (lead)



Basements and Bugbears | Little y Film

as Emma (lead)

Happy Yummy Chicken | Anna Loyd Bradshaw, Brandon Monokian & Love Drunk Life Productions

as Billie (supporting)

Blame | Gabe Frye-Behar & Stonestreet Studios

as Isabel (lead)

Porcelain | Tyler Walker & Stonestreet Studios

as Maddie (lead)

House of Olympus | Kate Baggott & Stonestreet Studios

as Zeus (lead)

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin | Roseanne A. Brown & Balzer + Bray Audio

as Princess Karina (narrator)

Deathless Divide | Justina Ireland & Harper Audio

as Katherine Deveraux (narrator)

Primordial Deep | No Such Thing Producions

as Marella Morgan (lead)

Janus Descending | No Such Thing Producions

as Chel (lead)

Here Be Dragons | Black Lace and Laser Beams

as Harper Bennett & Dr. Natalya Atlas (lead)

Mythos | Strider Leigh

as Gracie Hart (lead)

1994 | Thoreau Smiley

as Carrie Bird (lead)

Among the Stars and Bones | Chris Magilton

as Kathy Winters (lead)

Lock Ups | Alex Welch

as Jane Miller (lead)

L I M B O | A. R. Olivieri

as Rani (featured supporting)

Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services | Lisette Alvarez

as Alicia Grand (supporting)

Girl in Space |Sarah Rhea Werner Productions

as EC Bot (supporting)

Marsfall | Amity Bros. Productions

as Erin Donner (featured supporting)

No Sleep |David Cummings

as Bea in Things We Say (featured supporting)

Caravan |WhisperForge Productions

as Mother (featured supporting)

The Sable Valentine |Turn to Flesh Productions

as Lisabet "Bossy" Dumain (featured supporting)

Liberty |Fool and Scholar Productions

as Melina Krosos in TALES FROM THE TOWER: Happiness (lead)

VAST Horizons |Fool and Scholar Productions

as Dr. Antwi (supporting)

We Fix Space Junk | Battle Bird Productions

as Princess Flora (supporting)

The CryptoNaturalist |Jarod Anderson

as Angela Hall (featured supporting)

Standard Docking Proceedure |Gavin Gaddis

as Megan (supporting)

Redwing | J. V. Hampton Van Sant

as Amari Agrinya & Merrow (featured supporting)

Hit the Bricks | PJ Scott-Blankenship

as Dorothy Gale (supporting)

Mar's Best Brisket |T. H. Ponders

as Edgar (featured supporting)

Another English Curiosity | Erin Christopher

as Christine LaRoux (featured supporting)

Athena | Victoria Dubendorf

as Ruby (supporting)

Overkill | Gal Pals Present

as Sophie (supporting)