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Recent & Upcoming

Recent Roles

Recent stage credits include Luna Stage's The Ground on Which We Stand (Delilah Howe Jackson and Kimberly LaTortue) and Echo and Narcissus Blast Third Eye Blind Outside A Diner in New Jersey At 2AM (Alissa and Lauren), and Barefoot Shakespeare's Tam Lin (Janet) and Julia Caesar (Brutus).

Recent voiceover credits include The Probability of Everything by Sarah Everett, This Town in on Fire by Pamela N. Harris, The Hook (voice of Geneva) by Victoria Hellen Stone, Out of the Ashes by Kara Thomas, and Broadway Butterfly by Sara DiVello.


Upcoming Projects​

Jordan has most recently wrapped production for the new and upcoming audiobooks Water's Break by Sophia L. Hansen, Where Butterflies Wander (as Hannah) by Suzanne Redfern, and Fires to Come by Asha Lemmie. She will also be performing in Project Y's Devising Jam as a collaborating artist.

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