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Recent & Upcoming

Recent Roles

Recent stage credits include Shakespeare and Company’s Merry Wives of Windsor (Anne Page & The Host), Sense and Sensibility (Margret Dashwood & Ann Steele), and Pride and Prejudice (as Lydia Bennett), Uncanny Theatrical's RETCON or Villain (Makiyah), Turn to Flesh’s productions of The Other Other Woman (Gravide) and The Merry Widows of Windsor (Anne Page Fenton), Queen's Shakespeare productions of Henry VI Parts 1 - 3 (Queen Elizabeth) and Robin Hood (Maid Marian).

Her voiceover credits include narrating the audiobook for Justina Ireland's Deathless Divide (Katherine Deveraux), and voicing characters in over two dozen audio drama podcasts including Primordial Deep (Marella Morgan), Janus Descending (Chel), Here Be Dragons (Harper Bennett and Dr. Natalya Atlas), Marsfall (Erin Donner), 1994 (Carrie Bird), Mythos (Gracie Hart), LIMBO (Rani), Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services (Alicia Grand), Among the Stars and Bones (Kathy Winters).

She has also spoken on panels at PodTales in Cambridge, PodCon in Seattle, Washington, and On Air Fest, hosted by Simple Cast in Brooklyn, New York.


Upcoming Projects​

Currently, Jordan is also in the process of developing several brand new audio dramas, including Descendants, the sequel to Janus Descending, Primordial Deep, a new adventure thriller, and a collaboration with A. R. Olivieri of 2298, entitled Damned Minutes. She will also be featured in the upcoming audio dramas Lock Ups as Jane Miller, Hit the Bricks as Dorothy Gale (yup, that one!).