Janus Desceding character art

Audio Fiction

What IS an Audio-Drama Podcast?

We have reached the point where you might be wondering: "Audio Drama... What the heck is that?"

When you think "audio drama podcast," what you're getting is essentially the same as a classic radio play, in the style of War of the Worlds or the original Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -- a story being told through the power of voice and sound.

To learn more, please visit Jordan's production company, No Such Thing Productions.


Upcoming Projects​

Jordan is the writer-creator, and one of the leading voice actors on Here Be Dragons (as Harper Bennett and Dr. Natalya Atlas),  Janus Descending (as Chel) and Primordial Deep (as Marella Morgan).


Currently, Jordan is in the process of developing five brand new audio dramas, including...

  • Descendants - the action/adventure sequel to Janus Descending,

  • EDEN - a prehistoric adventure story, in collaboration with Sarah Rhea Werner of Girl in Space,

  • Damned Minutes - A psychological thriller in collaboration with A. R. Olivieri of 2298,

  • Moonlight - a new science fiction horror story collaboration with Julia Schifini, of Tides,

  • and a spinoff to Janus Descending; tentatively titled, ARC Juno.

All of the projects Jordan has written are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Luminary, and wherever else podcasts are streaming.